The representatives and the board are the core of KOE's activities

From students to students is KOE’s slogan and our activities show that. Our operations consist almost only of students and you can be one of them. The representatives and the board consist of only students and are the core of KOE’s activities.

KOE actives

  • The representatives
  • The board
  • Sections
  • Staff
  • Tutors

The representatives

Joining the representatives is an easy way to take part in KOE’s activities. In the representatives, you get familiar with the student union from a front row seat, but it doesn’t take up your time as much as being a member of the board. The representatives are chosen via elections in the autumn and they work for the calendar year.

The representatives hold the highest decision power in the student union. They decide things on the grand scale. For example, the representatives approve the strategy, assigns the board members, oversees actions of the board and discharges the previous board for the liability for the accounts.

There are 20 members and 10 deputy members in the representatives. Chairman and vice chairman are in charge of guiding the work of the representatives. They assemble 6-9 times during the year. All KOE’s members can run for the representatives and all KOE’s members can also vote in the election.

The board

The board is the most visible part of KOE together with the tutors. It is in charge of the everyday actions at the student union. The board executes the strategy and action plan and makes the decisions on the practical everyday matters by the guidelines that the representatives have given. The board also follows the other student unions locally and nationally and reports and makes statements.

The board consists of approximately ten board members: chairman, vice chairman and board members. All the members of the board are students. 

The Chairs lead Student Union operations. They maintain relationship with campus actors, school leaders, city and provincial influencers, and national stakeholders.

The Advocacy team takes care of the student educations development, employment, livelihood, and well-being.

The student tutoring team is responsible for student tutoring to the LAB University of Applied Sciences.

The Student life team is responsible for the events of KOE. Also they will create better services for Student Union.

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