Tutors welcome you to LAB

Do you remember seeing happy, yellow shirted students in the entrance exams? These students, tutors, are there to help you through your first weeks at school.

You will meet the tutors again at the orientation weeks helping and guiding. Each faculty has their own tutors that will help you to get started with your studies, with practical things and to get to know our fellow students. You can ask a tutor for help anytime you see them in the campus hallways. Tutors will help you to navigate the campus, tell you where you can find the student services or how to enroll to courses. They can also tell you more about the student union and how to get a student card.

After the orientation weeks you will meet the tutors at tutor hours where tutors give advice about studying and are there to answer your questions. Tutors can tell about their own experiences on studying at LAB UAS.