Best benefits with the student card

By becoming a member of KOE you will get a student card with all its benefits. With the student card you get the student discounts from the trains and long distance busses (Matkahuolto) as well as hundreds of benefits locally and nationally. As a member you get benefits for example from hairsalons, restaurants and bars, clothes stores, sports facilities and groceries. And as a member you of course also get benfits from KOE’s events and services.

You can become a member for as long as you want. You can buy membership from one semester to the whole length of your studies at LAB UAS: By taking the membership for a longer period, you save money. 

You can join KOE and order the student card once you know your student number. You can order the student card by filling our online form, filling in your information, choosing the length of your membership and uploading a picture of yourself. It will take a few weeks for the student card to arrive so you should order it as soon as possible! We will send you an email to let you know you’re your student card is ready and you can pick it up from KOE’s office.

If you have any question about the student card don’t hesitate to contact us.