Membership terms and conditions

Student card

AMK- student card is a membership card for the student union mentioned on the card, a union that is a member of the national union University of Applied Sciences Students SAMOK. An individual student joins the student union at their university of applied sciences (UAS), and the student union is in its turn a member of SAMOK. Hence, the student card is not a SAMOK membership card.

The AMK -student card is proof that you are a university of applied sciences (UAS) student and a member of a specific UAS student union. There are the traditional plastic student card, as well as a digital versions. AMK -student card holders are entitled to student discounts negotiated for such card holders.

Card types and validity

The AMK- student card is for students studying for a UAS first-cycle (Bachelor’s) degree or for a UAS second-cycle (Master’s) degree. The student must fulfill all eligibility criteria to be entitled to the card. Also exchange students can apply for a student card.

The sticker on the student card indicates its validity. The sticker is an indicator that the student has paid the student union membership fee. The sticker is not a product sold separately. In addition to paying the membership fee, the student must also meet all relevant criteria.

Eligibility criteria for the student card:

You are eligible for a student card, if you meet all of the following criteria:

1) You are enrolled at a UAS and studying for a UAS first or second cycle degree.
2) You are enrolled as present for the academic year/term.
3) You become a member of your UAS student union.

Replacing your student card

Since the student card is an indicator of your membership of a specific UAS student union, you will need to get a new card from your new student union if the university of applied sciences where you study changes. If you change your programme within the same UAS, the student union remains the same and you do not need to replace the card, unless the student union requires it.

When your name changes, we recommend that you renew your student card in accordance with the recommendations from your student union.

Issuing student cards and continued validity

The student union may grant/deliver student cards only to persons who are eligible for it, that is, to individuals who are members of the student union in question. Furthermore, the member must meet all eligibility criteria in order to have the right to a AMK -student card. The student may have a year or term sticker for those terms for which they have paid the student union membership fee and meet all criteria.

The student is accountable for providing correct information. Misuse of the card is a punishable offence.

Validity of the stickers for the student card

The term stickers are valid for a defined period. The sticker for the Autumn term is valid until the end of the following January (e.g. the autumn sticker for 2018 is valid until the end of January 2019), a year sticker is valid until the end of September the latter year (e.g. the sticker for 2018-19 is valid until the end of September 2019).

Entry into force and validity

These student card instructions are valid until further notice.