KOE promotes your interests during your studies

We oversee and promote your interests concerning your studies, quality of education, well being, financial livelyhood and equality. Our job is to represent students in different committees and working group inside LAB where we act as student representatives.

In the committee and working groups we bring forward student’s needs and wishes. We strive to make an influence so that each student has an equal opportunity to get quality education and to feel well. We also keep track on promotion of students’ interests on national level trough our umbrella organization SAMOK. We meet representatives from other student union’s around Finland regularly to make sure that students live the best student life in LAB as well as in Finland.

With our Speak out –campaign we want to remind you about the importance of feedback as well as where and how to give feedback. You should always give feedback. Things don’t change overnight, but some changes can be seen in students’ every day life quite quickly. And remember, feedback can also be positive. Each feedback is confidential. You can also send feed back to us KOE on anything regarding your studies. We will forward your feedback to the school and follow how it is dealt with.

Representations in committees and development groups

KOE’s representatives meet regularly with the school’s executive group and represents students in committees including the following:

Student well being group: The task of the student well beign groups is to promote student well being in all the different faculties as well as in the university. Each faculty have their own group and there is also in group for all the faculties. Each group consists of student representatives and school personnel in charge of student well being, such as the school nurse and psychologist.

Examination board: If student has a problem for example with his/hers thesis grade, this will be solved in examination board. KOE board member is part of this group and makes sure that student interest will be heard.

There are also other student organizations that promote the interest fo students in LAB:




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MIO ry



ReLa ry



LaGeR ry


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