Representative Council Election

Ummm, what election??

Let’s start from the beginning.

Basic information

The Representative Council, or more familiarly Edari, is the institution exercising the highest decision-making power of the student union. In other words, edari is responsible for big lines and big decisions like strategy, budget and recruits. Edari also elects the student union board, which in turn is responsible for implementing operational activities, i.e., practical things such as advocacy, influencing, tutoring, communication, and events. The activities of the board are daily and quite fast. Edari, in turn, oversees the Board’s operations and, among other things, the implementation of the action plan. Edari meets about eight times during the calendar year.


Edari is re-elected every autumn through electronic elections. All KOE members who have paid their membership fee by October 20, 2021 have the right to vote this year. Voting takes place via a one-time voting link sent to the e-mail address provided in the member register. Voting is easy, fast and secure.

All students who have paid the KOE membership fee for the entire following year no later than 14 October 2021 can nominate as candidates here. Nomination is done by filling in this candidate form by 13 October. To the edari will be elected 20 members and 10 vice members. The members are elected according to the D’hondt method, i.e. in the same way as, for example, in parliamentary elections. When you vote for a candidate in the edari elections, you are also giving your vote for the list in question. So, for example, if the list receives 15% of all the votes, it should also receive around 15% of the seats. Simple, right!

Schedule in a nutshell

Nomination time: 29.9. – 13.10.2021
Voting time: 28.10. – 3.11.2021
Election day: 3.11.2021
Publication of election results: 3.11.2021

Where can I get help and support?

Chairman of the Central Election Commission
KOE’s Advocacy Specialist
KOE’s  IG-direct @koe_opku

Psst. On Friday 8.10. at 3 p.m. KOE has an edari-themed IG-live! Welcome!

Let’s get to work! :)))

Nominate yourself here! If you wish, you can set up your own election list here! It only takes a couple of minutes.

Edari Support Dictionary

// Budget

An estimate of how much euros will come and go during the year. The student union operates within the limits of the budget.

// Edaattori

Member of the Representative Council. 

// Edari

In other words, the Representative Council is the institution exercising the highest decision-making power of the student union, which consists of the members of the student union KOE.

// Advocacy

Monitoring the interests of students in matters relating to studies, the quality of education, well-being, livelihoods and equality.

// Candidate

Maybe you 😉

// EV team

A team consisting of KOE’s board members and an advocacy specialist who is responsible for KOE’s advocacy.

// Halko

A board meeting.

// Board

The most prominent actor in KOE’s operations, responsible for KOE’s day-to-day operations.

// Järre

In other words, an organizational meeting in which e.g. the Presidium of the Representative Council, the Central Election Commission and the Board of the Student Union are appointed

// Spring meeting

Meeting of the Representative Council, where e.g. approve the previous year’s annual report and financial statements, and grant discharge to the previous board.

// Member of KOE

A student at LAB University of Applied Sciences who has paid the KOE membership fee. Learn more about membership here.

// Central Election Commission

For the purpose of conducting the elections to the Representative Council, the Representative Council shall appoint a Central Election Commission at its inaugural meeting, whose term of office shall be a calendar year.

// List

Representative Council Election candidates may form an election list of up to 20 members. More info from election announcement


Lahti student associations LASOLA, LINKKI, LIRO, ReLa, Lymo, MIO and Pino


KOE-owned café bar on the Lahti campus

// Möte

Lappeenranta student associations LaGeR, LaKOSTE, LaKu, LapIO and LapTOp

// OE team

The Student Life team, which consists of KOE’s board members and executive director, is responsible for KOE’s events.

// OO team

KOE’s Student Guidance team, consisting of board members and a guidance specialist, is responsible for tutoring.

// Operatosu

That is, an operational action plan. On the basis of the action plan approved by the Representative Council, a practical to-do table prepared by the Board for its own term.

// Strategy

A documentary guiding the activities of the student union

// Electronic voting

Voting in the Edarals will be conducted electronically. Voting takes place via a one-time voting link sent to the e-mail address provided in the member register.

// Autumn meeting

Meeting of the Representative Council, where e.g. the action plan for the following year is approved, the budget is decided on the amount of the membership fee, and a student representative is appointed to the Board of the LAB University of Applied Sciences.

// Email meeting

A meeting that is fully on email. The chair will open the meeting and the meeting will be held with the “answer for all” function.

// Tosu

That is, an action plan that the previous term’s government prepares and approves in the House of Representatives to guide the activities of the future government.

// Employees

KOE has five office workers in Lappeenranta and Lahti, and two café workers in the LAMKOOMA café on the Lahti campus.

// Election announcement

The Central Election Commission must give an election announcement on the official communication channels of the student union on Facebook and on the website no later than six weeks before the start of the election.

// Election day

The national election day this year is 3.11. Voting on election day

// Vice member

10 vice members are elected to the Representative Council.

// Full member

20 full members are elected to the Representative Council, who are responsible for the decision-making of the Representative Council. From among the full members, the Representative Council elects at the inaugural meeting

// Right to vote

All members of the Student Union KOE who have paid their membership fee no later than October 20, 2021 have the right to vote.

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