Student card and membership

Student card is the official id of a student. When you become a member of KOE you get a student card and all its benefits and discounts locally.


AMK student card offers you national student benefits as well as local discount in Lahti and in Lappeenranta. You get to use all the benefits of the student card by paying the membership fee. The amount of the membership fee is determined by the length of the membership term. You can choose anything from one semester to the length of your studies. You can also use the digital student card as a member of KOE. The AMK student card will also work as a personal ID card in the Niemi campus in Lahti. Order AMK student card


Digital student card goes with you wherever you go in your phone and you get all the same benefits as you do with the plastic student card. You get the digital student card by paying the membership fee of KOE. The digital student card work with application. The digital card is free for all KOE members.

Updating your membership data Using this form you can update your personal information to our register and add photo for digital student card if necessary.

Student card options:

  • AMK student card
  • Digital student card

Membership fees:

1 semester 20 €

1 academic year 30 €

1,5 academic years 50 €

2 academic years 58 €

2,5 academic years 66 €

3 academic years 75 €

3,5 academic years 83€

4 academic years 90€

When you order the plastic student card a 5€ card fee is added to the membership fee. When you renew your membership you only pay the membership fee. The membership period for the Spring semester ends September 30th and the Autumn membership period ends January 31st.

Membership sticker

The validation period of the student card is determined by the membership sticker. The Fall semester sticker is valid until the end of January and the Academic year/Spring semester sticker is valid until the end of September. You need to pick up the new sticker from KOE’s office.

Membership sticker by mail

If you are not able to visit KOE’s office you can also get your membership sticker sent to you by mail. We charge 5 euros for mailing. If you want your card or sticker by mail please contact secretary general at koe(at) Note! We cannot send your student card by mail, you need to pick it up personally from KOE’s office.

Renewing the membership

If you already have a student card, but your membership is no longer valid you can renew your membership trough this online form or at our office. In the online form the payment is trough internet bank, at our office you can pay with card or cash.

Card missing?

If you lost your card order a new id card from our website. If your membership is valid you will get a new sticker for the new card. If you study in Lahti, remember to notify the LAB lobby services of your missing card so they can cancel your access rights on the card.

Resigning the student union

Do your studies end at LAB UAS or are you changing school? You can resign the student union by giving us a literary announcement of your resignation by mail or email to koe(at) You can find the resignation from here

When you resign the student union you have the right to ask for a return or your membership fee from the semesters that you did not use. In this case you need to return your student card together with a resignation form to KOE’s office.

If your membership was originally at least 1.5 years, you can get a refund. The refund will only be paid once. If you want to apply for a refund, you must do it as follows: To apply for a refund for the whole academic year or the autumn semester you need to apply it by July 31st. The refund for Spring semester must be applied by December 31st. Any refund application received by any other time the board will decide on case-by-case.