Tutors are there to help you

Tutoring is one of the most visible parts of KOE’s activities. New students meet tutors for the first time in the entrance exams and tutors go through the first school year with the new students. There are about 200 active tutors working every year. You can become a tutor trough applying during the application period, which is held two times a year. In tutor trainings the tutors get all the information and skills they need for tutoring. After the trainings tutors are ready for action, to help the new students. You can recognize our tutor from the bright yellow tutor t-shirts. You can ask tutor for help anytime you have a problem you need help with.

Choose the right tutoring form for you

There are three different forms of tutoring that everyone who wants to become a tutor can find their own.

Peer tutors are the guides to new students especially in the beginning of the studies when many times not only the school but also the town they are studying at is new. Tutors help the new students to get to know the school, study environment as well as their fellow students. Peer tutors take part in entrance exams, orientation weeks, show the campuses and answer questions. The job of the tutors continue through the whole first year of school for example with tutor hours.

International tutors help the exchange students coming to study at LAB Unniversity of Applied Sciences. International tutors contact the students already before their arrival to Finland. Tutor is many time the first friend for the exchange students. Tutor helps with settling in to Finland, helps with getting to know the school, guiding with every day things and to answering any questions. International tutors can and want to speak English (or other languages) and is interested in getting to know different cultures.

Degree tutors are a combination of peer and international tutors. Degree tutors study at English degree programs and tutor new students studying in those degree programs, both Finnish and international students. Degree tutors help the new students with practical things concerning studying and living in Lahti and in some cases settling in a new culture. Degree tutors also help the international student group to learn to work together and to get to know each other.

Do you want to become a tutor?

It is worth it, tutoring is fun! You apply to become a tutor during the application period that is organized twice a year. The application periods are held September-October and February. All applicants will be invited to a tutor interview. New tutors will be chosen trough the interviews. All new tutors take part in tutor trainings where they will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a tutor. To get the credits (3 ect) from tutoring you will need to work as a tutor for two semesters. Any one can be a tutor, you don’t need to be KOE’s member to become a tutor. Did you get interested in tutoring? Ask more from our tutors or contact us! We are happy to tell you more.