Frequently asked questions

When can I order a student card? You can order the student card once you have received your student number. You can check your student number from Peppi.

I haven’t received activation link for -app, what to do?

1) First check your spam mail folder. The sender is from address noreply(at)

2) If the link is not found, order a new one from

3) If the link is still not found, check your membership information at and make sure that there’s a photo and permission for KOE newsletter

4) If the link is still not coming, change your school’s email address to some other email that you use on the membership form and save the data. It may take couple of hours to update the changed email address, after that you can order the reset email.

5) It may take couple of hours to get the reset and activation emails after the order. Check also spam mail folder.

How long does it take to get the student card after I have ordered it? Where can I get my student card? The plastic student card will arrive to our office in approximately two weeks after the order has been made. Studen cards are printed on Tuesdays, so if you make your order on Monday you may get your student card even in a few days. We will send you a message when you card has arrived and you can pick it up from our office. Students in Lahti will pick their card from Lahti office and students in Lappeenranta will pick their card from Lappeenranta office.

How do I pay for the membership? If you are not already a member of KOE we recommed to fill our membership form online. That way we get all the information needed and you can also pay for the membership at the same time. If you are already a member you can renew your membership online or at our office.

I’m not able to visit KOE’s office. Can I get my membership sticker by mail?  We can send you your membership sticker by mail, but we will charge 5 euros as dispatching costs. If you want you sticker sent by mail, please contact our executive director koe(at)

When can I come to get a new membership sticker to my student card? New membership stickers for the academic year you can receive starting from the beginning of August.

I have the long term membership, if I don’t come and pick up my membership sticker does it postpone my membership for later? Not picking up your membership sticker does not affect the lenght of your membership or postpone it further. If you want to move your membership period for later for example due to student exchange period please contact our executive director.

Can I get a refund from the long term membership? You can get a refund for the long term membership for whole semesters. If you want a refund, you must apply for it in the Spring by July 31st or in the Autumn by January 31st. You can only get refund for membership for 1,5 years or longer.

I have changed school from another university to LAB UAS. Can I get a membership sticker to my previous student card?  The student card works also as a identity pass at LAB UAS, so it is not possible to get a membership sticker for some other university’s student card.

My last name has changed. Do I need to order a new student card?  You can order a new student card if you want to, but it’s not compulsory.

My student card has been lost/stolen. How can I get a new student card? If your membership is still valid and you only need the new card, please contact our executive director.

How will be able to use the student sports facilities (Moveo)? 

Memberships are on sale at LUT shop and the prices are:
– gym + ball games 25€/semester
– gym + ball games + group exercise 50€/semester.